Adventurer, Astrophysicist, Computer Engineer and Radio Officer. 

Special expertise:
Diverse experience with various communication and navigation systems, engineering and development tools, operating systems and programming languages.

Good knowledge in system analysis, design and integration according to the European Space Agency standard. Broad expertise in different protocols, system architecture and networks. Chairman, project manager, researcher, advisor, writer and system developer. 

Personal characteristics:
Has strong analytical abilities, is patient, investigator and good at finding solutions. 
Good ability to acquire new knowledge, is flexible with regard to working methods and has autonomous, solid, technical solutions as a goal. Community engaged, knowledgeable and language savvy. Type of manager and organizer. Love sports, especially swimming and cycling.

Languages: Norwegian, English, some French, Spanish, German and Tibetan.

Publications: (some documents doesn't exist online or in their original published nature, but have put in relevant information and translations).

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GPS i rommet. 2nd NORdic NAvigation Conference (NORNA), Lillehammer, 1991.

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The Bicycle Tourist: Travels and other adventures, Los Cristianos 2016.

Tibetanske isbreer, Verdens Tak, nr. 1, Oslo, 2010.

Tour de France as a bicycle tourist, Syklingens verden, 28 July 2011.

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Viking Tour of Iceland, Syklingens verden, July 2013.

Vikings Cycling in Iran, June-July 2009.

Vuelta a España as a bicycle tourist, Syklingens verden, 25. august 2011.


Senior Member            American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Cyclist                          Club Bicisport Wilier de Canarias                                WilierTenerife

Member                       Dzamling Gar Tenerife                                                 International Dzogchen Community

Member                       Sjømilitære Samfund                                         

Member                       U.S. Naval Institute                                            

YouTube Videos Cycling and Walking